Approved Courses

Recently approved courses are listed below. The program directors maintain a more complete and up-to-date list of all approved elective courses. Please refer to the undergraduate bulletin for course descriptions.

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Electives for Middle East and South Asia Studies

Middle East & South Asia Studies
Near Eastern Languages and Literature
Politics & International Affairs
Women’s & Gender Studies

ANT 334: People and Cultures of South Asia
ANT 383, 384: Field Research in Cultural Anthropology*
ANT 385, 386: Special Problems Seminar* 


*When topic is appropriate


ARB 111, 112: Elementary Arabic I & II
ARB 153: Intermediate Arabic I
ARB 201: Intermediate Arabic II
ARB  218, 219: Standard Arabic Conversation I & II
ARB 221, 222: Colloquial Arabic Conversation I & II
ARB 230, 231: Upper Intermediate Arabic I & II
ARB 288: Individual Study in Arabic Language or Cultural Studies
ARB 301, 302: Advanced Arabic I & II
ARB 305: Special Topics in Arabic
ARB 306: Special Topics in Arabic Studies
ARB 324: Introduction to Arabic Literature
ARB 325: Multimedia Arabic
ARB 350: Classical Arab-Islamic Civilization Through Literature
ARB 351: Modern Arab World Through Literature


ART 104: Topics in World Art* 
ART 203: Islamic Art & Architecture
ART 204: South Asian Art & Architecture
ART 205: The Architecture of Devotion in South Asia
ART 206: Art & Empire: India & Europe, 1500-1900
ART 207: Imperial Islamic Architecture: The Ottomans, Safavids, & Mughals
ART 208: Ottoman Art & Architectural History
ART 286: Topics in Art & Architectural History*
ART 351: Topics in Gender & Art*
ART 396J: Art History Seminar: Global Art and Architecture*
ART 396N: Art History Seminar: Special Topics*


*When topic is appropriate


COM 370: Special Topics: Immersion in India


ENG 358: Postcolonial Literature
ENG 359: Studies in Postcolonial Literature


HNU 111, 112: Elementary Hindi/Urdu I & II
HNU 140: Introduction to Hindi Script
HNU 141: Introduction to Urdu Script
HNU 153: Intermediate Hindi-Urdu I
HNU 201: Intermediate Hindi-Urdu II
HNU 287: Special Topics in Hindi-Urdu Language or Cultural Studies
HNU 288: Individual Study in Hindi-Urdu Language or Cultural Studies


HST 107: Middle East & The World
HST 109: Asia & The World
HST 242: The Middle East Before 1500
HST 243: The Middle East Since 1500
HST 250: Premodern South Asia
HST 251: Modern South Asia
HST 305: Medieval & Early Modern Iberia
HST 311: Special Topics in History
HST 321: Zionism, Palestine, & Israel in Historical Perspective
HST 334: Mystics, Monarchs, Masses in South Asian Islam
HST 335: Hindus and Muslim in India, Pakistan, & Beyond
HST 385: History through Film: Bollywood & the Making of Modern India
HST 387: The Last Great Muslim Empires
HST 388: Nation, Faith, & Gender in the Middle East
HST 389: The British Empire in the Middle East
HST 390: Research Seminar*
HST 398: Individual Study*
HST 399: Directed Reading*



*When topic is appropriate


HMN 224: Cross-cultural Encounters in Morocco

Middle East & South Asia Studies

MES 110: Introductory Topics in Middle East & South Asia Studies
MES 210: Intermediate Topics in Middle East & South Asia Studies
MES 310: Advanced Topics in Middle East & South Asia Studies
MES 385: Individual Study


MUS 109, 209: Music of World Cultures
MUS 134, 234: Music of Asia

Near Eastern Languages and Literature

NLL 111, 112: Elementary Hebrew I & II
NLL 153: Intermediate Hebrew
NLL 211, 212: Hebrew Literature I & II
NLL 213: Studies in Modern Hebrew
NLL 301: Introduction to Semitic Languages
NLL 302, 303: Akkadian I & II
NLL 310: Intermediate Readings in Classical Hebrew
NLL 311: Aramaic
NLL 321, 322: Introduction to Middle Egyptian I & II

Politics & International Affairs

POL 241: Contemporary India
POL 242: Topics in Comparative Politics*
POL 246: Politics & Policies in South Asia
POL 247: Islam & Politics
POL 250: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, & US Policy Since 2001
POL 252: Topics in International Politics
POL 255: Terrorism & Asymmetric Conflict
POL 257: Politics of International Development
POL 259: Palestine & the Arab-Israeli Conflict
POL 263: U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East
POL 269: Topics in Political Theory*
POL 274: Arab & Islamic Political Thought
POL 278: Politics & Identity
POL 282: Gandhi
POL 286: Topics in Political Science*
POL 287: Individual Study*
POL 288: Directed Reading*
POL 300: Senior Seminar in Political Science*


*When topic is appropriate


REL 104A: Introduction to Asian Religions
REL 104B: Introduction to South Asian Religions
REL 105: Monotheism: Judaism, Christianity, & Islam
REL 108: Introduction to Hindu Traditions
REL 109: Introduction to Buddhist Traditions
REL 110: Introduction to Islamic Traditions
REL 113: Introduction to Jewish Traditions
REL 286, 287: Directed Reading*
REL 312: The Critical Study of the Pentateuch
REL 313: Near Eastern Archaeology
REL 355: Jewish Identities: Religion, Race, & Rights
REL 356: Modern Jewish Movements
REL 362: Topics in Islam
REL 383: The Quran and the Prophet
REL 384: Islam and Law: Varieties in Interpretation & Expression
REL 385: Topics in South Asian Religions
REL 387: Priests, Warriors, & Ascetics in Ancient India
REL 388: South Asian Women: Religion, Culture & Politics
REL 389: Islam in the West: Changes & Challenges
REL 390: Special Topics in Religion*



*When topic is appropriate

Women’s & Gender Studies

WGS 377 Special Topics*



*When topic is appropriate