Recent Faculty Publications

Elizabeth Clendinning – Music

Clendinning, Elizabeth A. “A Street for All? Pluralism and the Performing Arts in Jalan               Sesama (Indonesian Sesame Street).” Ethnomusicology 63/3: 418-444.

Chanchal Dadlani – Art History

Dadlani, C. B. (2018). From stone to paper: Architecture as history in the late Mughal                 Empire. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press.                                                       

Rayed Khedher – Arabic

Kaufman, B., Barnard, H., Drine, A., Khedher, R., Farahani, A., Tahar, S. B., Jerray, E., Damiata, B. N., Daniels, M., Cerezo-Román, J., Fenn, T., & Moses, V. Quantifying
            Surplus and Sustainability in the Archaeological Record at the Carthaginian-                    Roman Urban Mound of Zita, Tripolitania. Current Anthropology.

Peter Knapczyk – Hindi-Urdu

Reading Hindi: Novice to Intermediate. Routledge, 2020. (co-authored with Kusum Knapczyk

Ahmad Z. Obiedat – Arabic

“Axiomatizing Elementary Arabic Syntax.” In the International Journal for Arabic                          Linguistics and Literature Studies (JALLS) 1, no. 1 (2019): pages 73–89,               

“The Semantic Field of Love in Classical Arabic: Understanding the Subconscious                      Meaning Preserved in Love Lexicons through their Etymologies.” In Beloved:                  Love and Languish in Middle Eastern Literatures (London: I.B. Tauris, 2017),                  pages 300-323, edited by Alireza Korangy et al,

“Friendship in Arabic: Its Synonyms, Etymologies, and Transformations.” In Friendship              in Islamic Ethics and World Politics, edited by Mohammad Jafar Amir Mahallati                (Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Press, 2019), pages: 49-67, and       

“How Can Bunge’s Scientific-Humanistic Ethics Engage Islamic Moral-Law?” In Mario              Bunge: A Centenary Festschrift, edited by Michael R. Matthews. (Cham,                          Switzerland: Springer Verlag, 2019) pages 487-512.

“Identity Contradictions in Islamic Awakening: Harmonizing Intellectual Spheres of                  Identity,” Asian Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (AJMEIS) 13, no. 3            (July 2019): pages 331–350,

“What is the Explanation for the Low Social Status of Working in the Humanities, Social            Sciences, and Arts in the Contemporary Arab World?” in Arabic as
ما تعليل هامشية الاشتغال بالإنسانيات والاجتماعيات والفنون في الوطن العربي؟” by Tabayyun for                      Cultural Studies and Critical Theory, Issue 24, Vol. 6, 2018, pages 121- 143.          

“How Can Departments of Sharī‘ah (Islamic Studies) be Resurrected? Reforming the                  Objectives and Curricula”, in Arabic as
كيف يمكنُ بَعْثُ كُلِّيَّاتِ الشّريعةِ من مَواتِها؟ أو تسديدُ المقاصِد لِأَساتِذَة ِكُلِّيات الشريعة وإصلاحُ المناهج لطلبتها”.              In Mu’minūn bilā Ḥudūd, August 7th, 2018. Pages 1-32.

“Deconstruction of Creed Centrality in Islamic Discourse and the Primacy of Good                      Deeds in Differentiating between Humans,” in Arabic as
تَهافُتُ مَركَزِيَّةِ العقيدةِ في الخِطابِ الإِسلاميِّ وأَوْلَوِيَّةُ المُفاضَلَةِ بين البشر بالعملِ الصالحِ” in an edited                    volume, al-Tasāmuḥ fī al-Thaqāfah al-‘Arabiyyah: Dirāsah Naqdiyyah (Beirut:                  Mu’minūn bilā Ḥudūd, 2018), edited by Dr. Néjia Ouriemmi of Université de                      Tunis El Manar, pages: 177-218.

Raisur Rahman – History

Saikia, Yasmin and M. Raisur Rahman, eds., The Cambridge Companion to Sayyid                   Ahmad Khan (Cambridge University Press, 2019)                                                                                 history/cambridgecompanion-sayyid-ahmad-khan?format=HB

M. Raisur Rahman (2019). “Religion, law and state policing: accusations, inquests and              arbitration of religious conflicts in colonial India,” South Asian History and                        Culture, 10:2, 187-198, DOI: 10.1080/19472498.2019.1609264

Penny Sinanoglou – History

Sinanoglou, P. (2019). Partitioning Palestine: British policymaking at the end of empire.               Chicago, IL: The University of Chicago Press.                                                          

Sinanoglou, P. (2019). Analogical thinking and partition in British mandate Palestine. In               A.M. Dubnov & L. Robson (Eds.), Partitions: A transnational history of                             twentieth-century territorial separatism. Redwood City, CA: Stanford University               Press.

Barry Trachtenberg – History

“Panic over BDS Distracts Us from the Neo-Nazi Threat”). A2larm 16 August 2019.                                 pozornost-od-neonacismu

“No Exception- On Teaching Zionism, Palestine, and Israel.” AJS News: The Pedagogy
              Issue June 2019 ://                               research/ajs-news/no-exception-on-teaching-zionism-palestine-and-israel

“Commentary – Shifting Sands: Zionism & U.S. Jewry.” Co-authored with Kyle Stanton,              Journal of Palestine Studies 190 Vol. 48, No. 2 (Winter 2019): 79-87.